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Podcasting as a Learning Tool in Higher Education

by Teresa Pelkie

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As new technologies are being introduced into our society, their applications are being realized for potential use in higher education. Podcasts have become very popular not only as a form of entertainment, but as a means to send and receive different types of information.

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A podcast is either an audio or video file that is broadcast over the Internet by means of an RSS feed. The file is downloaded into a podcatcher or aggregator when a new episode is available. The word "podcast" comes from combining the words "iPod" and "broadcast". Apple's iPod popularized this technology. However, you do not need an iPod or even a portable device to listen to or view a podcast.

Research Questions

This research will examine how podcasting is being used in education, how it can be used for learning, and how instructors and students are utilizing podcasting. A conclusion and proposed solution (suggestion) will be offered.

Note: This research includes both audio and video podcasts used in both face to face and distance classes.

Review of the Literature

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Conclusion / Solution:

Even though the podcast is being used, is it truly being used as a learning object?

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